Matt Castellon, co-founder of saviaLAB, understands first-hand health challenges and how they can be life-altering. In 2009, Matt was faced head-on with health challenges of his own, that forced him to quit his dream job as a Smokejumper (firefighter who parachutes into forest fires), and focus all his time, energy and resources into his health and well-being. In the beginning of his health journey, he put his faith and life savings into conventional health practices in hopes of “getting his life back”.

Matt soon started to realized, maybe there were other options he was unaware of, that could help him overcome his health challenges. Shortly after his realization, he met a brilliant scientist named Alejandra, who had a natural products background, and she suggested a combination of hemp-derived CBD, Curcumin, and other natural extracts, encapsulated in nanoparticles. With nothing to lose, he dove right in.

The introduction to hemp derived CBD and other natural extracts, not only helped Matt with his health, but intrigued him, and he wanted to learn more. It became immediately apparent to him that these natural products were extraordinary,

and could help others looking to explore the same path to health and a better well-being. At that moment, he knew that they had something special and that this was their opportunity to help so many others.


In parallel, Ian Wolff, an entrepreneur focused on positive social impact projects, whose background is in chemical engineering, was learning about the wonders of nanotechnology. He wanted to utilize natural products like hemp derived CBD and Turmeric to help his health and find a way to share the benefits of this with others. He then met Alejandra and Matt and together created saviaLAB; to develop and share Hi-Tech wellness supplements.

Thus, saviaLAB was born. With a mission to improve the quality of health for millions of people through the development, production, and distribution of the finest plant-based supplements, utilizing the latest technological advances.



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