In 2009, Matt Castellon, co-founder of saviaLAB, was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. Within a year, the intense pain, significant loss of blood, and dramatic weight loss caused by the ulcers in his colon became too much to handle, and he was forced to quit his dream job as a Smokejumper (firefighter who parachutes into forest fires), and focus all his energy and resources into treating the disease.

After hearing from doctors that there was no cure, he put his faith and life savings into modern medicine in the hopes of at least controlling the symptoms and “getting his life back”. After a few years of unsuccessful treatments with pharmaceuticals, and living with their terrible side effects, doctors began to suggest that he have his colon removed.

At this point, Matthew met a brilliant scientist with a Natural Products background, who suggested a combination of CBD, Curcumin, and other natural extracts, encapsulated in nanoparticles to treat the disease.

It was immediately apparent to him that this treatment was working, and within a month, he was off all other medications and had the symptoms under control. This was the moment we knew that we had something special and that this was our opportunity to help so many other people in need


In parallel, Ian Wolff, an entrepreneur focused on positive social impact projects, whose background is in chemical engineering, was learning about the wonders of nanotechnology. He wanted to utilize natural products like CBD and Turmeric to help prevent chronic diseases in his own body and find a way to share the benefits of this medicine with others. He then met Alejandra and Matt and invited them to join saviaLAB to develop & share Hi-Tech wellness supplements.

Thus, saviaLAB was born. With a mission to improve the quality of life of millions of people through the development, production, and distribution of the finest plant-based supplements, utilizing the latest technological advances.



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